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We firmly believe that every event is unique, and a bespoke approach is required to match the services to the event.

Event Safety
Pre-event Safety Planning

We work closely with event organisers to really understand what underpins their event. Only then can we start proposing a structure to manage safety during the event phases; build, event and get-out. Regular communication with Responsible Authorities, Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs), event organisers and key event contractors is essential to ensure that any pre-event issues are ironed out. Contingency planning, relevant to the event risk profile, is key and we strongly recommend table top exercises if appropriate as a method of ‘testing’ the plans. 



Services available include;

  • Event Safety Management Plans

  • Licensing support

  • Local Authority liaison

  • Table-top exercise facilitation

  • Safety Advisory Group (SAG) attendance

  • Barrier & Infrastructure planning

  • Health & Safety training delivery

  • Audience attendance planning

  • Crowd management planning

  • Food Safety & Food Trader vetting and liaison

  • Stewarding & security planning


On site Safety Management

We can provide anything from Event Safety Advisors with a specific watching brief, to full 24/7 event safety coverage. All staff are competent and experienced in their relevant area of expertise; event safety management, fire safety, crowd management, food safety etc. We take a proactive approach working in partnership with event organisers & key contractors to monitor safe systems of work, crowd management and compliance to site safety rules. 






Services aviailable include;

  • Provision of Event Safety Advisors

  • CDM Construction Phase Plans

  • CDM Site Inductions

  • Multi-agency ‘Single point of contact’

  • Crowd management advice

  • Security & Stewarding advice

  • Food Safety trader Inspection & Auditing

  • Incident response & liaison

  • Liaison with emergency services, Local Authorities & SAGs


Perhaps one of the most important phases of the event planning cycle, post-event debriefs are key in identifying any lessons learnt or areas for improvement for future events. Dependent on the scale & complexity of the event, we can oversee anything from an informal round-table chat through to a structured facilitated multi-agency debrief exercise.










Services available include;

  • Safety Advisory Group (SAG) debriefs

  • Structured debrief facilitation

  • Table-top & learning exercise delivery

  • Event & incident reporting

  • Health & Safety training delivery

  • Licensing advice


Event Control
Event Control

We can help overcome the complexity of public events by delivering & managing multi-agency Event Control Rooms, on behalf of event organisers. Our team are experienced in running event control rooms, and working in close partnership with statutory authorities; Police, Ambulance, Fire Officers, Highway & Local Authorities. 






Services include;

  • Provision of Event Control & Coordination facilities

  • Experienced Event Control team

  • Infrastructure & equipment to facilitate the Control Room

  • Access to detailed Met Office weather forecasting

  • Shared situational awareness screens & display equipment

Event Liaison Teams

We identified the need for simple, easy to use Control Room logging software, able to provide a running log of key event decisions, so we decided to build one ourselves! The system has been successfully deployed at some high profile events. It enables us to keep track of incidents, and provide detailed event logs to event organisers & statutory authorities; vital for effective debriefs. We’d be happy to provide further information on its capabilities; just drop us a line via the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Services include;

  • PC based integrated Event Control Room logging system

  • Event Liaison Team chairing & minute taking

Incident Management

Our team are highly experienced at managing incidents requiring multi-agency responses, and are proven to respond calmly, sensitively & professionally. We train our team to follow the emergency services ‘JESIP’ principles; co-locating, communication, coordinating, jointly understanding the risk and ensuring everyone has a ‘shared situational awareness’. 






Services include;

  • Multi-agency ‘Single point of contact'

  • Incident response & liaison

  • Liaison with emergency services, Local Authorities & Safety Advisory Groups

  • Proven incident response Standard Operating Protocols


Noise Management
Noise Managment Plans

We have prepared Noise Management Plans for some fantastic festivals & events across the UK. Working closely with Environmental Protection Teams & event production teams, we ensure all plans are fit for purpose and will provide a great experience for the audience, whilst being sensitive to local residents. We are also happy to simply provide practical advice to smaller events on how they can easily manage noise emissions


Services available;

  • Environmental Noise Management Plans

  • Background noise monitoring

  • Licensing Operating Schedule condition advice

  • Licensing Hearing assistance

  • Local Authority & SAG liaison

Noise Monitoring

We have a strong team of Environmental Health Practitioners, many drawn from extensive Local Authority backgrounds who can provide 24/7 environmental noise monitoring of both onsite & offsite noise levels to ensure compliance with Premises License conditions. We have access to a range of noise monitoring equipment, regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy.



Services available;

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring

  • Remote noise monitoring equipment

  • 24/7 Resident complaint lines

  • 24/7 complaint response provision

  • Met Office weather forecasting

  • Onsite wind speed & direction monitoring

  • Liaison with Local Authorities

Local Authority Liaison

We firmly believe in a policy of openness and transparency when dealing with Local Authority Noise teams, and will always seek to have a positive dialogue with them before an event, and whilst onsite. Our noise logging systems enable recordings to be sent instantaneously to Council staff, meaning we can respond to complaints and noise issues rapidly.




Services available;

  • Resident complaint summaries

  • Local Authorities liaison meetings

  • Post-event Noise Reports

  • SAG debrief attendance 


Support Services
Traffic Management

We can provide advice and guidance on temporary traffic management to manage getting the public, contractors, artists, suppliers and emergency teams on and off site with the least amount of impact to local residents. We have worked closely with several traffic management providers to deliver safe events, and are happy to provide recommendations. Several of the team hold LANTRA & Streetworks certification, meaning we can assist with traffic management planning & interpreting guidance.


Services available;

  • Traffic Management Plan support & auditing

  • Local Authorities liaison

  • Traffic Management advice

  • Emergency Services liaison

Fire Safety

We are able to offer the facility to hire fire extinguishers & fire safety equipment to event organisers, and have Senior Fire Officers on the team who can assist with onsite fire safety management & risk assessment. We can assist with anything from a pre-event informal fire safety visit to 24/7 onsite Fire Safety Advisor support.








Services available;

  • Fire extinguisher hire

  • Fire alarm air horn hire

  • Fire Safety Plans

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Fire & Rescue Service liaison

  • 24/7 onsite Fire Safety Advisor team

  • 4x4 emergency response vehicles

Event Support

Events occasionally simply require support or direction with sourcing the right contractors, equipment, signage, logistics or finding the best way of delivering a service on site. We have extensive experience of Local Authority, volunteer, commercial and sporting events and can apply this experience to support you.








Services available;

  • Barrier & Infrastructure planning

  • Logistics support

  • 4x4 vehicle provision

  • Signage support

  • Environmental & Waste Management Plans

  • Car Parking Management Plans & delivery of car parking management

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